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TRUMPF Trulaser 3030 fiber EntranceHigh quality, bespoke design and manufacturing

Hardie Steel Fabrications is an established Company which launched back in 1993, based in Bedford. We focus on designing and manufacturing pioneering equipment and various products to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers, in a diverse number of industries.

Working with a range of different materials such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Bronze, all of our work is created and manufactured to the highest standards and at very competitive prices. Hardie Steel Fabrications takes pride in responding quickly and competitively to our customer requirements, utilising state of the art equipment and design software.

Over the years we have expanded to keep up with the latest and cutting edge technology; machinery and processes, all ensuring no matter what you need fabricating, Hardie Steel Fabrications can complete the whole project from start to finish, all in-house within tight time schedules.

Along with many other types of equipment, our investment in the TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 fiber, allows us to manufacture high volumes cost effectively, whilst first class workmanship ensures strong, reliable results. It uses innovative “Brightline fiber” technology making our laser cutter even more adaptable while maintaining accuracy and quality. Local manufacturing enables us to be highly versatile and provide creative, customised solutions to challenges from small installations to large-scale industrial projects. Our short supply chain also enhances our uniquely short delivery lead times.

We have constructed a wide range of products for approved suppliers like TNT and The Hays Group. Products such as trolleys, barriers, mail holding equipment, balustrades, fire escapes, conveyors, workstations, mobile access stations, cages, racking and stainless steel equipment for the food industry are just a few of the products in our portfolio. A range of security products have been developed which include, security gates for both commercial and domestic premises, security window grills, boxes and much more.

With 23 years experience and working closely with our customers, the Hardie Steel Fabrications team has built up an extensive knowledge of the materials and manufacturing processes used in steel fabrications and we understand how to effectively combine these skills to achieve stunning results. With our enviable reputation, we continue to innovate, refining our processes and expanding into new sectors.


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