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Trumpf TruLaser 3030 fiber - CNC Laser Cutter

This amazing machine produced by TRUMPF Ltd is leading the way in laser cutting technology with their new Brightline fiber, making solid-state lasers more versatile than ever before.

BrightLine fiber transforms solid-state lasers into all-purpose tools: it enables you to achieve top-quality results for every sheet metal thickness. What’s more, the solid-state laser’s known benefit – high productivity in thin-sheet metal processing – remains unchanged.

Technical Information

Working Range
X axis: 3000mm
Y axis: 1500mm
Z axis: 115mm
Max. Material Thickness
Mild Steel 20mm
Stainless Steel 15mm
Aluminium 15mm
Copper 6mm
Brass 6mm
Bronze 6mm
Max. Axis speed simultaneous 140 m/min



Elumatec SBZ 151 Flexium+ - CNC Profile Machining Centre

The Elumatec SBZ 151 Flexium+ is a very versatile profile machining centre and is capable of drilling, routing, tapping, cutting and notching.

Equipped with (2) tool magazines and a strong spindle motor the SBZ 151 is perfect for your aluminum and thin-walled steel applications, you can process different sides of an aluminum profile without moving the work piece, meaning faster processing times and less errors.

Technical Information

5 axis profile machining center
5 axis CNC technology package to provide the greatest efficiency for all imaginable processing operations
Cutting tool diameter 100mm max
Saw blade with a maximum diameter of 500mm
Travelling capacity X-axis 6.000 mm, 7.300 mm, 9.000 mm, 10.300 mm, 12.000 mm (longer versions on demand) Vmax. 60 m /min
Traveling capacity Y-axis 1.150 mm, Vmax. 36 m /min
Traveling capacity Z -axis 650 mm, Vmax. 36 m /min
Pivoting angles A – axis (with saw blade diameter 400 mm): +/-110°, freely programmable in 1/10° steps
Pivoting angles C- axis +/-180° freely programmable in 1/10° steps

TRUMPF TruBend 5130 - CNC Press Brake

The TRUMPF 500 range of press brakes is the best selling press brake in the industry.

The machine provides high productivity throughout the the whole process, from programming and tool set up to the actual bending process.

The TruBend 5130 machine enables you to process parts of any geometry economically and with high quality results.

Technical Information

Working Range
Y axis stroke: 8.5 in
Travel path X axis: 24 in
Max. uage area in X: 834 in
Travel path R axis: 10 in
Y rapid: 520 in/min
Y working: 24 to 48 in/min
Y return traverse speed: 520 in/min
X axis: 2362 in/min
R axis: 780 in/min
Z axis: 2362 in/min
Press Force: 141 tons
Bending Length: 3123 mm
TRUMPF Trubend 5130 Press Brake


Hogg Blast & Vac System

Our Hogg 14/40 Blast & Vac system manufactured by Hogg Blasting and Finishing Ltd is ideal for the removal of hazardous coatings, or for blast cleaning in sensitive areas where dust and debris has to be contained.

Key Features

Dust free abrasive blasting
The Blast & Vac system recovers abrasive and residue as it blasts
Allow continuous cleaning without dust and residue escaping to the surrounding area
Allows continuous blasting in confined areas
Works both horizontally and vertically
Works with any type of abrasive for use on all services
Blasting Vacuum


Other Equipment

Hardie Steel Fabrications have many other types of equipment ranging from tube bending and manipulation machines to MIG and TIG welding equipment. No matter what your fabrication needs are, Hardie Steel Fabrications will work hard to bring your ideas to life, to the highest quality and at competitive prices.

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